Furniture Installation

Furniture  Installation

As part of the design process OutSmart Office can procure, track, and install any needed new office furniture, equipment, signage, and art. By hiring us to handle the entire process, we will take care of the logistics and minimize any potential issues that could otherwise arise. 

Potential issues that we will minimize and handle for you:

  1. Compatibility and Ergonomics: Ensuring that the procured furniture is compatible with the office space and meets ergonomic requirements can be challenging. Inadequate space planning, incorrect measurements, or lack of consideration for employee comfort and well-being could lead to inefficient layouts or uncomfortable workstations. We will guide you to be sure this doesn’t happen.


  1. Incorrect or Incomplete Orders: Mistakes can occur during the procurement process, leading to incorrect or incomplete furniture orders. This might involve wrong measurements, missing components, or mismatched items, which can disrupt the office setup process and require additional time and resources to rectify. We will do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen.


  1. Delivery Delays: Shipping furniture from suppliers or manufacturers may encounter delays due to various reasons such as production issues, transportation challenges, or unforeseen circumstances. Delays can disrupt office setup schedules and impact productivity. We will do our best to keep everything on track for a timely delivery.


  1. Damages in Transit: During shipping, office furniture can be susceptible to damage due to mishandling, improper packaging, or accidents. This can result in additional costs, delays, and the need for replacements or repairs. We will also handle these issues for you.


  1. Building Access: Most commercial office buildings require installation companies to have proof of liability, automobile, and workers comp insurance on file before they can even enter the loading dock. Additionally, there are rules for the time of day that the freight elevator is available for furniture deliveries. If these rules are not followed your furniture will not be allowed to be delivered to your new office. We will make sure everything is in place for a smooth delivery and installation.


  2. Assembly and Installation: Office furniture often requires assembly and installation. Challenges can arise if the instructions are unclear or if the furniture is too complex to put together. Inefficient assembly processes can lead to a higher cost of installation, delays, damaged furniture, and even potential safety hazards. Our installers are knowledgeable and have the skills to build all brands of office furniture.


To mitigate any issues, it is essential to work with reputable suppliers, communicate clearly about expectations, conduct thorough inspections upon delivery, and hire a professional installation crew. OutSmart Office’s effective communication, proactive planning, and close coordination with building management companies, suppliers and logistics partners are key to minimizing potential problems in procuring, shipping, receiving, and installing office furniture.

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